Captureproof application design

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I spent a lot of time at RocketSpace when I was working for Pearson, and later when contracting for Microsoft. Both companies we’re major sponsors of the co-working space, and had a few desks reserved because of it. The desks were out in the open so anyone could just walk right up and see what you were working on. Naturally, people were inquisitive about what I was doing given my screen was always filled with visual delights. CEO’s, founders, developers, engineers, marketers, and other types of  workers would approach me and comment, asking questions about the designs on screen. I have to be honest, I was a bit surprised at how many startups were in need of design consultation. Meghan Conroy, the Founder and CEO of Captureproof happened to be one of those people in need. Fortunately I was contractually able to assist her, so I rolled up my sleeves and worked nights to help her develop the initial web and mobile application.

Captureproof initial desktop user interface

Captureproof sign up screen

Captureproof sign up form

Captureproof patient activity screen

Captureproof create proof tab

Captureproof initial mobile user interface

Captureproof mobile sign up screen

Captureproof mobile sign up form

Captureproof mobile patient activity screen

Captureproof mobile create proof tab