Brand Identity

Toolbox branding

I like to work with software startups, a lot. Not only is the experience invigorating, but they’re always trying reinvent the wheel using all the latest technologies and services. While working out of RocketSpace I met a ton of interesting people and companies. Fortunately I was able to work with many of them in some capacity, but the one that […]

Generator Lab’s ReferralFeed and NeedleHunt identity and design

I was contracted by Generator Lab to create a brand identity and re-design their ReferralFeed web application. ReferralFeed monitors social profiles to quickly identify high quality job candidates, among both active and passive job seekers. Results are presented in a feed format, allowing recruiters to analyze and group potential candidates to specific jobs. At the core of ReferralFeed is Generator […]

Microsoft BizSpark web management

I joined Microsoft BizSpark in December of 2012. BizSpark is a program that provides free software, support, and visibility to help startups succeed. Since its inception in 2008, BizSpark has been helping bootstrapped companies build software and services by providing them with free developer tools, support, and training. I was responsible for guiding the rebuild of all BizSpark web entities […]

Marcazul branding and package design

I was contacted by Jason Goelz of Jason Stephens Winery in July of 2012 regarding a branding opportunity for his newly created spirits company. The initial scope was for a logo only, but the relationship blossomed quickly into other projects. Marcazul is the first product scheduled to be released, I was responsible for the logo creation and bottle design. After […]

HipType branding

My time at Pearson taught me the most about technology. I basically got paid to learn, it was wonderful. Now and again the company would attend book publishing events as an exhibitor and I would attend when possible. The people that would generally come by our booth were design professionals, so naturally we had a lot in common. We would […]

Video production

I’ve worked on numerous video projects throughout my design career, everything from post-production marketing shorts to full fledged produced webisodes. My passion for software has always kept me busy behind the scenes, creating transitions, cuts and animations using industry standard applications such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. Below are some of my favorite pieces I’ve created over […]