Craigslist applification exploration

June 27, 2013 - Posted in Portfolio , User Experience Posted by:

As a firm believer of the “applification” of all websites, I sometimes like to take shots at re-architecting popular services. In this example, I was looking for something on craigslist and noticed the site had not been updated since its inception. There isn’t always a case to redesign or reengineer a product, and in craigslist’s this is probably more true than not. That still doesn’t mean that that a designer shouldn’t at least try to make it better because you never know what you can stumble upon.

I decided to give this challenge a go and redesign the core features of Below is my attempt at a new way of interacting with this popular portal. The depictions aren’t intended to be right or wrong, but mostly as an exercise to help strengthen my problem solving practices.

Craigslist wire frames

(1) User can geo locate their position for the quickest and most accurate redirection to their location detected craigslist site. If the user decides to go this path then they’ll be redirected to the next screen.
(2) If user chooses not to allow craigslist to detect their location they have the option to search for their desired craigslist site. If the user selects “all SF bay area” they’ll be redirected to the next screen.

(1) User has the option switch to a different location based on the radius and key teams craigslist has set for the specified site.
(2) User enters search query. If desired location has changed, the user has the ability to enter a new location.
(3) User selects a category.

(1) User enters search terms and presses the “search” button.
(2) A filter toolbar drops down and relevant selectors appear per the category selected by the user. The user can select whichever selector they choose and keep searching to their hearts desire!
(3) Search results appear as “thumbnail/list” by default.
(4) Notification icons appear at the end of the post line. These identify and alert the user that there are more actions available. In this scenario there’s (additional) pictures and a map location. User may click on any of the notification icons and it will redirect to the full page view of the post.

(1) New toolbar has loaded for the user to select actions attributed to the specific post.
(2) Full page of the posting appears with all the details.
(3) When a price is listed it will appear here. If there is no price then the title will shift over so it’s flush left.
(4) Thumbnails of the posting images. Craigslist is very effective with the images, so no need to change this.