HipType branding

May 8, 2012 - Posted in Brand Identity , Portfolio , Startup Posted by:

My time at Pearson taught me the most about technology. I basically got paid to learn, it was wonderful. Now and again the company would attend book publishing events as an exhibitor and I would attend when possible. The people that would generally come by our booth were design professionals, so naturally we had a lot in common. We would chat about all the latest trends and I would try to convince them to purchase a book or video that I worked on, but for the most part we would just engage in casual conversations about education and technology.

At one event I met a pair of startup founders who were at the time trying to solve an eBook analytic issue that many book publishers were struggling with. They were developing a plugin, or snippet of code that would watch and listen to user actions while reading a digital edition of a book. The service would record every action the user took; how long they stayed on a page, what words were they highlighting or looking up, how long it took for them to go between chapters, you name it, they analyzed it! The founders had just graduated from Y Combinator and were to looking to brand their service. HipType was looking for something that would depict “analytics” and “books” at the same time, but not be to corporate looking and keeping the “hip” appeal.