Generator Lab’s ReferralFeed and NeedleHunt identity and design

May 21, 2013 - Posted in Brand Identity , Portfolio , Startup , User Experience , User Interface Posted by:

I was contracted by Generator Lab to create a brand identity and re-design their ReferralFeed web application. ReferralFeed monitors social profiles to quickly identify high quality job candidates, among both active and passive job seekers. Results are presented in a feed format, allowing recruiters to analyze and group potential candidates to specific jobs. At the core of ReferralFeed is Generator Lab’s proprietary search engine, NeedleHunt.

I created the brand identity, marketing site design, and core user experience for both products. Each interface is a custom adaptation of Twitter Bootstrap, and leverages its UI components and JavaScript libraries for rapid development.

ReferralFeed branding and initial desktop wire frames and user experience

ReferralFeed dashboard screen

ReferralFeed contributors tab

ReferralFeed feedback tab

ReferralFeed registration flow diagram

NeedleHunt branding and initial mobile wire frames and user experience

NeedleHunt mobile profile cards

NeedleHunt mobile scroll interaction

NeedleHunt mobile sort options

NeedleHunt mobile scroll pagination interaction