Toolbox branding

April 1, 2014 - Posted in Brand Identity , Portfolio , Startup Posted by:

I like to work with software startups, a lot. Not only is the experience invigorating, but they’re always trying reinvent the wheel using all the latest technologies and services. While working out of RocketSpace I met a ton of interesting people and companies. Fortunately I was able to work with many of them in some capacity, but the one that I enjoyed most was with their former COO, Todd Elsberg. The idea is to take all of the best startup/business/design/etc. practices that assist the development of early stage companies and package it to a service. We called this sector “BPaaS” or Best Practices as a Service.

I was responsible for the conceptualization and creation of the branding. The company is “Toolbox” and their mission is to empower investors and founders with solutions and services that make a difference.